Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron Complaints and Reviews

"WORST flat iron ever. Don't waste your money." (Updated Aug 21 '08)
Jessness's Full Review: Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron 1.25" There may be a few reasons why my review is negative:.. Product Rating:

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Too hot, flimsy iron, doesn't make hair smooth/shiny/flat/straight. Destroys hair from the excessive heat.
The Bottom Line: Do NOT NOT NOT buy this iron. Do not waste your money or your time attempting to straighten hair with this worthless piece of garbage.
I first tried this flat iron at the mall. A stand was displaying these irons and using them on random people. When she used it on my hair it worked fabulously. I couldn't even believe it. I didn't purchase the iron that day, rather I waited until I had some extra money and found it online, at flatirondirect, (since the link on this page directs you to flatirondirect I think I'll make a quick comment on here about what I think about their site. All of their products are reduced by many many dollars. One iron, worth $200, they were selling for $115. There have been numerous complaints against folica for faulty items, for their irons breaking within a month with sparks coming out, etc. Personally, I think flatirondirect sells defective irons, and passes them off as good ones. My mother bought an iron from them which broke within 3 months. Stay away.
Surprise, surprise, it was never published. The item has a 4.5/5.0 rating, yet if you go to other review sites, there are many many complaints. I was fooled by the reviews don't you get fooled as well.)
It came in the mail the very next day and I was so excited to use it. As soon as I pulled it out of the box I realized how light it was. I plugged it in and in a couple minutes it was hot and ready to go.
I started flat ironing my hair and the iron was SO hot, that I received a very nice burn on my thumb. My fault, whatever. I continued to iron my hair and after 15 minutes, I put it down and looked at my hair.

It was absolutely atrocious. My hair looked like I had gotten caught in a major storm. It was frizzy, puffy, dry looking. Was I doing something wrong?
I used it again the next day, and the same results. My hair never looked more disgusting than when I used this iron. I promplty returned it and invested money on a much better iron from Folica,, Sephora.

My mother used this iron on her hair and it seemed to work ok. I'm guessing this iron is good for people with thin hair. Mine is thick, and curly, so using this iron was virtually worthless for me.

Fantastic product, I use it almost daily
I adore this flat iron: it doesn't snag my hair, it is lightweight and easy to handle, travels well, and gets HOT.
Published 4 days ago by Seige

Solia Professional Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4"), February 16, 2009
By Anedra Davis "Anedra D." (Columbus, MS)
The Solia is flat iron. I love that it has actual temperature settings, it's light and produces professional results.

Awesome flat iron, February 4, 2009
By Ashley (Bowling Green, KY)
This is an awesome flat iron that works with all types of hair - my mom and I both have one and she has very thick hair and I have very thin hair. My hair tends to be frizzy and have a lot of fly-aways, but this straightener smooths hair without the need of any products. While using this, my hair doesn't go frizzy in rainy or humid weather either. It heats up very quickly, even on the hottest setting. Great product, would recommend to anyone.

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By Marilew "Marilyn"
I have purchased two Solia tourmaline ceramic ion flat iron 1-1/4" in the past two years and both of them just stopped working. The first lasted for about 9 months and the other (which didn't come on this morning & that's why I'm online searching for another one) I think I've had for about 1 year. I didn't drop them or abuse them in any way and I was very happy with the straightening quality, but I'll not purchase another Solia again. However, I do wonder if that's just the nature of flat irons.I guess I'll find out after trying a different brand.

Great Flat Iron, February 5, 2009
By Boris (Texas) Simply put, for the money you will not find a better flat-iron. The temp-adjust works great and while blue plates may scare off the average Chi customer, this thing easily outperforms a Chi at the same price. The only thing I don't like was the plasticky area around the temperature adjust, makes it seem more toy-ish. But the grip is just the right size and texture and weight.

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