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Lets Rock Elmo is the latest in the line of ever popular Elmo toys released by Sesame Street...you can be almost guaranteed that any toddler will absolutely adore this beautifully made Elmo toy!

Imagine the joy on your preschooler’s face when they see Elmo almost magically recognize what instrument they’ve given him and start playing one of six different rock songs.
...& Elmo doesn’t just play the songs, he sings them too!

His rock version of the Alphabet Song helps make learning the ABCs fun, while other songs encourage physical activity like dancing, jumping and clapping. Elmo’s arms move in a way that allow him to croon into the microphone, shake the tambourine and pound on the drums.

The interactive, Let’s Rock Elmo with the microphone, tambourine & drums is sure to keep any toddler happy for hours on end...but to make things even more fun, Elmo interacts with other LET’s ROCK instruments.

He knows when you’re playing the LET’s ROCK Guitar, Keyboard or Microphone and plays along with you!

Your Let’s Rock Elmo package includes:

· Let’s Rock Elmo doll
· Microphone
· Tambourine
· Drums
· Instructions
· 6 x AA batteries (these are included)
· ...& hours of fun!

What Other Customers Say...
The newest Sesame Street "Let's Rock Elmo" toy is a welcome surprise for my three year old who absolutely adores Elmo...This new Elmo toy will guarantee hours of fun for any child and some adults(I know I had fun) and it will also help with their developmental and motor skills while giving them the gift of music all combined in one toy. Elmo seems to really be interacting with your child...
...All of the parts are safe and there are no choking hazards for any small children. Your child will love this toy and so will you. - Amazon customer
I have an 18 month old girl and a 6 year old boy and they both love the Let's Rock Elmo. In the past week and a half they have played with it for at least a little while every afternoon. So far he is a very durable toy as my boy plays pretty rough and my daughter has dragged it back and forth to her grandmother's house... - Amazon customer
We are blown away with the articulation of movement this toy has. He really points at the kids and holds the mike toward them when he wants them to sing. The movements are every bit as impressive as the animatronics on the rides at Disney, and Elmo doesn't fall over when he dances, even if he's standing on carpet, which surprised me. You can also really hear a noise when his hand strikes the drum head, not just the prerecorded noise...
- Amazon customer

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