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This classic toy is a must for any child. Kids love being able to have secret conversations with each other from opposite ends of the house or even down the road.

These ruggedly built, Lego Walkie Talkies can be up to 1 mile apart and still work! Buy one for your child & one for their best friend down the road! They're very easy to use with a simple, one push talk button, volume control and one channel.

Your Lego Walkie Talkie package includes:
• 2 x Lego Walkie Talkies

What Other Customers Say...
My 5 year old really wanted a set of Walkie Talkies, a friend of ours researched and bought these for there son and raved about them when I asked. My son has had them for 3 months now and loves playing with them. They have very good reception and sounds quality. We live on 3/4 of an acre and he can be inside while dad is outside being 'spied' on. These are SO much better than what I remember walkie talkies being just 20 years ago. (Man I sound old!) - Amazon customer.
Love these. Works well far away...we live out in the country so the kids and go pretty far. They say they work up to a's probably close to that! 3 yr old uses them great....
2 yr old doesn't quite get it all the time. Me and the hubby thought about getting some for us when he's out in the garage...just maybe not with the lego design! :) I think they are a fair price as well. Get will love them. - Amazon customer.
My son got these for his 7th birthday in January and we have all had a lot of fun with them. We have a two story house and my children mostly use them between floors or outside running around the yard. They have dropped a few times and continue to work perfect. A good buy so far. - Amazon customer.

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