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Building a presence online has become a simpler thing to do. Whether you're a professional career person, a family hoping to stay up to date with current events or creating a business presence to display your latest products and services, creating a domain name the right way is a significant part of this puzzle.

There a few things to watch out for when registering your new domain name.

Don't get taken to the cleaners.
Domain names have come way down in price within the last five years or so. No longer is it necessary to spend more than $15 to get outfitted for a new web address. Don't believe the hype or fall for this expensive trap.

Buying your domain name from the same place as your hosting company.
Unfortunately, this is a bit more riskier than it sounds. Just like in today's economy we should all spread our financial assets and risks in a variety of places, it's also good idea to do the same when it comes to our business assets too.

Trust me, your domain name will become a business asset at some
point in the future. When it comes to your home on the internet, for safety sake, it's a good idea to not have all of your resources housed in one place.

Giving your credit card information to an unknown entity.
Did you know that anyone can sign up to be a reseller and become
a domain registrar? This in and of itself is not a bad thing.
I respect any ethical, business person who bootstraps their way and provides a good product. Unfortunately, if there business goes under, it's quite possible retrieving your information may prove to be very difficult to achieve.

Spam is not man's best friend...either online or off.
In the domain registry world, there's something commonly referred to as the blacklist. The blacklist consists of companies who often have spam related business complaints. Both domain registrars and hosting companies are oftentimes measured by this standard.

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By Henry Gold

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