Adsense Ready Website- Make Your First $100 With These Simple Steps

There are many types of adsense ready websites for sale on the internet.I must admit that most of them are pure junk at first glance. However there are a few that will definitely help jumpstart your adsense income. Despite what many gloom and doom sayers have to report regarding adsense ready sites, you can make Google adsense money by following these 4 simple steps.

1. Avoid All In One Adsense Templates
Most adsense ready websites will include both the template, content along withvarious monetization areas for adsense codes and products to sell via affiliate marketing .
Adsense ready content which is what's included in most adsense ready site are private label articles,also known as plr. Even though this particular set up appears to be an out of the box, set it and forget it business,at the root of it all it's still by definition considered duplicate content with limited revision opportunities. Unless you're a techie, accessing the content files are not as easy as the sellers promote it to be.

2. Don't Make Google Angry
Adsense ready website themes and content leaves a huge gaping footprint inGoogle's search engine. Footprints are not usually a bad thing.


Should Google ever decide these types of sites are a big problem, it won't be too hardto find, crush and remove them from their search engine results.

3. Too Many Monetization Leaks
Since you're reading this article it's safe to conclude you're interested in Adsense, right? Most ready made adsense sites are poorly designed and can often look like the Las Vegas strip. Website visitors are usually bombarded with too many choices.

A confused mine will always say no.

Your niche content website shouldn't be like a casino when it comes to making money online. Websites that offerAmazon, Ebay, Adsense, Chikita, Clickbank AND shopping deals all on the same page--lose big money. These sites are generally too broad and are not keyword optimized or focused on the most profitable keywords in a given niche market.

4. Poor Keyword Niche Selection Is A Waste Of Time
The biggest problem with typical ready made adsense sites is most are in strange, high paying keyword niches.For example, the keyword lists that are usually promoted all around the internet are for markets like attorney or personal injury.This particular market does have a extremely high cost per click but these advertisers are usually only willing topay high traffic websites top advertising dollar.

Keywords within high consumer buying markets and where advertisers pay more than $1 is a Goldmine. Publishers who make money with Adsense consistently start out with the right keywords. Find out how to Increase your adsense income and Build sites with low competition and higher cost per click payout.
By Henry Gold

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