Solia Hair Dryer Complaints and Reviews

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Reviewer: Jessica from Milwaukee, WI Thu Jun 05 2008
I read all the reviews and was so excited to use my new hair dryer and see the difference in my hair. However. the first time I used it I found out that the hot air button didn't work at all- I could only use the cold button. Then I had to pay to ship it back. I went to Target and bought a hair dryer for $20 that works great. A product that costs this much should not come broken! Im in the process of exchanging it.....

Reviewer: jessica from los angeles Sun Feb 17 2008

When I first received it it was dried my hair (but it took too long) it eventually did the job... I stored it for about a month and half and when I took it out to use it just wouldnt heat up. Im in the process of exchanging it hopefully the next one they send me is a little better.... I do give folica thumbs up on their customer service and shipping...That I cant complain on.

Not for thin hair

Reviewer: Olena Wed Jan 16 2008

I was very excited to get this hair dryer especially after so many good reviews but unfortunately I discovered that it makes my hair extremely dry.I had to return it. It seems like this dryer is not the best choice for the thin hair as I read another not-so-happy review by the person with thin hair. I'm still insearch for my perfect hair dryer but Solia 1875 is not the one ;-(

Just takes some time for a break down
Reviewer: Jannette Faust from Homestead, Florida Wed Dec 19 2007

I had give this product a good review when I received it. I am disappointed that this product broke down so fast. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. As a matter of fact I will consider looking outside Folica to buy another dryer. I am disappointed with Folica.

Not what I was hoping for

Reviewer: Marcella Tue Oct 30 2007

I was looking for a hair dryer that would "make a difference". This isn't the one for me. If you are looking for one that blows a lot of air without the choice of making it just blow "a little", then you will be happy with it. It is a hurricane! Also, the long cord drives me crazy! You could vacuum your house while blow drying your hair. As far as being "ionic", I can see no difference in my hair. Good luck in your search! Mine continues! hated it

Reviewer: kris from nj Wed Sep 26 2007

i bought this and returned it a few weeks later. i was excited about this hairdryer after reading all the reviews and the price was great! but when i used it - it made my hair SO FRIZZY especially in the ends. i never had a hairdryer do that before. and when you use it on high- is so strong that my hair wasblowing all over the place!! im going to go back and use my chi hairdryer. Perhaps I got a Lemon

Reviewer: Frizzy Locks from Vienna Fri Jan 26 2007

I bought this dryer because it was so well-reviewed, but sent it back because it did not perform as expected. It did dry my hair very quickly, but when using medium or high heat, the dryer smelled like it was burning. Also, I saw no difference in the softness of my hair.

After gathering up these reviews, I was really hard pressed to find more than these few complaints out of at least hundred reviews throughout the internet on the Solia 1875w Professional thermal ionic hair dryer. Now, the choice is yours to drop it or continue comparison shopping with the recommended companies featured today.