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Remote control toys are always popular with kids & adults (the big kids) alike, and this remote control helicopter is no different...yes it really does fly!
Though not a new toy for Christmas 2011, it's one that has consistently made it to the best seller lists for the last few years so is well worth a mention. If your child doesn't have one of these yet & likes remote control toys, then make this one of their presents for 2011!

The Syma Remote Control Helicopter can be used indoors or out for hours of fun. The well designed helicopter model can be flown anywhere you want with it's precise steering and height adjustment via the remote control pad.

Don't like the blue? Don't worry, these helicopters also come in red & yellow!

Your Syma Remote Control Helicopter package includes:
• Remote Control Helicopter – your choice of blue, red or yellow.
• Gyro control pad.

What Other Customers Say...
The Syma S107 is so easy to control that on my first flight I had it tour my whole apartment, zooming in and out of closets and never touching an obstacle until I deliberately landed it. If you've never flown a good RC heli before, you might need to practice a bit. It might be your second or third flight before you get that good.
The S107 is *really* that easy to control... - Amazon customer
I used to have one of these that I broke due to fault of my own, ordered a new one from Amazon and this thing works like a champ, my 4 yr old flies it with me with no problem. Great Heli for beginners... -Amazon customer
Ordered this for my husband who loves helicopters and has owned several. First off it came right away. And my husband loved it! Easy to fly. Would have paid more for this copter, as it has been reliable and fun for everyone in the house. Exceptional helicopter for the price!! - Amazon customer

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