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The Power Wheels Dune Racer will provide hours of extreme fun for almost any young child...ride on toys are always popular, but battery powered ride-ons are 'just the best'!
Unlike many other similar ride-ons, the Dune Racer performs just as well on rutted, slippery surfaces, as it does on the bitumen so your child can go almost anywhere – wet grass, gravel, mud & more!

But is it safe?

The Dune Racer has 2 speeds forward & reverse. It's maximum forward speeds are 2.5mph and 5mph so around about the same as an adult's walking pace.
Safety is further improved, with the addition of a high-speed lock-out option for beginners, Power Lock brakes & side safety bars. And they haven't forgotten looks either. Plenty of chrome accents and large off road tyres, make it look just like the real thing.

Your Power Wheels Dune Racer package includes:

• Power Wheels Dune Racer.
• 1 x 12 volt battery and charger.
• Assembly instructions.
• Hours of outdoor fun!

What Other Customers Say...
It took my husband and father in-law about 45 minutes to put this together (not including the stickers - takes a female touch). I like how this is low to the ground, has a bar on each side so they do not easily fall out, and wide for stability.The steering wheel is also easy for him to use. Only two cons = my son is a short 3 year old and the pedal is hard for him to reach(I put a foam pad behind him to help push him forward)and the shifter lays right under his leg used to push the gas pedal(shifter is easily bumped).

He does not seem to mind these cons it is just the parents and he can grow into it!!!! The traction is awesome and can go over or through MOST anything(wet long grass on a hill included)!!! It does really well with two kids in it and there is plenty of room. -
Amazon customer.
It has really good traction on the road nd on the lawn. My kids have plaed with these toys for hours. Very happy with it. - Amazon customer.
This toy literally caused the whole neighborhood to come out to take a look. The neighborhood kids ran up when they saw it in the back of the truck (after it had been assembled). They went nuts! Everyone was fighting over taking a turn on it from the toddlers to the 10 year olds! Although we did keep the bigger kids out of it. My nephew had a blast driving his little brother around in it and it was a huge hit with all of the parents too. The general consensus was, "So Cool!"

My husband spent about 30 minutes putting it together with basic tools and he said it was not hard at all. It's quite big and would be a very impressive Christmas gift for the kids. Overall, I'm very impressed! - Amazon customer.

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