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There are plenty of digital cameras on the market for both amateur and professional photographers. The Nikon name has been synonymous with quality photographic equipment since 1917 and many people consider the Nikon brand to be the territory of professionals. However, with the Nikon D5100, professional quality is now available for the masses.

Averaging in the $600 - $650 price range,(with many great offers online) the Nikon D5100 is not the cheapest digital camera available, but it does have the features that any photographer needs for those perfect pictures.
The CMOS sensor and plenty of editing capabilities make this camera one of the most functional for the money. The camera features a 3 inch super density LCD monitor that responds to any angle of adjustment.

The 921,000 dot super density monitor is one of the highest quality monitors available in this price range. This means that you can see the images that you shoot in all their glory straight away. You can also fully edit from the camera itself, saving steps in the photographic editing process.

The monitor is fully extendable and can be positioned to match your shooting style. It twists and turns so that you can reach any angle for your pictures.

The Nikon D5100 has an in-camera high dynamic range and several special effects modes. It also shoots full 1080p high definition movies with superb sound. So, with the purchase, you have a video camera, premium camera and a portable editing station in-one.
Night vision and super detail are included in the photography settings, so you will be sure to catch every smile, no matter what the light level. Night vision technology can be extremely expensive and so the fact that Nikon has included this feature in the D5100 is very exciting.

The Nikon D5100 is a mid-level price camera with high-end features. It combines Nikon's famous technology with a user-friendly piece of photographic equipment.
High speed shooting with continuous 3-4 frames per second gives you the capability of capturing almost any action you can imagine. The camera uses a point system and 3D tracking to allow you to focus on any portion of your image without getting those blurry shots.

Nikon's D5100 bridges the gap between the lower end digital cameras that barely make the grade and the high-end professional cameras that require a PhD to operate. Your purchase includes the articulated screen, lightweight camera body and the rechargeable lithium ion battery with a charger.

The D5100 also comes with lens covers and eyepiece covers that are designed to protect the glass portions of the camera. For the money, the Nikon D5100 is plenty of camera joy for any photography enthusiast.

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