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In general, it is best to avoid any product that has the word "cool" in its name. Luckily, the Nikon CoolPix L120 is a rule-breaker! Pretend for a minute that you have all your family together and you want to capture those special family moments with photos. Also pretend that some of those photos will be taken at night or in low light or even outdoors. The Nikon CoolPix L120 creators have imagined all of those scenarios and created the perfect digital camera to capture them with.

The Nikon CoolPix Camera L120 is so easy to use that the kids will appreciate it as much as mom and dad do. The camera has practical features that make everyday use a breeze, but it also has enough of the high tech features to make everyone happy.

The CoolPix is one of Nikon's best buys for the budget-conscious family and averages under $300. The camera generally comes with a lens cap, a carrying strap, USB cable and audio/video cable, batteries and the instruction CD. A carrying case is definitely something you will want to purchase when you pick up your camera. Since the camera runs on alkaline batteries, there is no recharger included with the purchase.

The CoolPix L120 has some fun features to make picture-taking simple. It offers a smile recognition software that actually times the photo for the moment that the subject smiles. No more half-smiles or blinking photos for your family albums!

The CoolPix warns of a blink during the photograph and gives you a chance to take another picture immediately. It also has settings for low light, snow and even full dark that give you the option of using a flash to fill dark areas or highlighting just your subject.

Nikon's famous attention to detail really shows on this little camera. Weighing less than 1 pound, it is light as a feather to carry all day at the theme park or beach.

The CoolPix L120 has a range of features that include an extremely powerful zoom and one-touch high definition movie recording. Full stereo sound and 720p movie playback on the 3 inch LCD screen make watching your home movies almost as fun as recording them.
The CoolPix L120 offers technology for the more serious photographer, as well. Two zoom controls and wide angle features allow you to photograph landscapes and big groups of people with ease.

The Nikon CoolPix L120 camera is one of the best small digital cameras on the market for this price range. With its ease-of-use and friendly menus, even the grandparents will appreciate this little beauty. Intelligent features like smile recognition and shake elimination help to make your photos look professional without the big price tag. The CoolPix is definitely "cool."

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