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Wowee...this gorgeous little treehouse playset sure has the wow factor! How many kids don't wish they had their own treehouse to play in? Not many... Well this is the next best thing to a real treehouse...let their imaginations run wild with this Mini
Lalaoopsy Treehouse Playset.

Mini Laloopsy dolls fit perfectly in this set and can climb up the tree trunk, swing on the tyre swing and play pretend in their very own treehouse. It's the ultimate holiday hangout for your child and their Mini Lalaloopsy dolls.

Don't have any Mini Lalaoopsy dolls yet? Don't worry, 2 Mini Lalaloopsy dolls
are included with the treehouse!

Your Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset includes:

• 2 exclusive Lalaloopsy dolls.
• 2 pets.
• Tire swing that slides across a zip line.
• Elevator in tree trunk, wind-up basket, bridge & 2 hammocks for doll and pet.
• Removable clubhouse
• Look-out bucket with telescope.
• Real working whack-a-mole.
• Treehouse accessories.
• Never ending amusement!

What Other Customers Say...
Well designed toy that we are all enjoying!!
My kids, 2.5 and 4, are using this house with other small figures, such as mini strawberry shortcake figures and it is mostly compatible.
...This is probably the funnest tree house we've seen. Includes an elevator, a look out tower that swivels, two hammock swings and a tire swing that also is a zip-line when attached to the string.

It's a pretty flexible toy, as the trees separate the the clubhouse is removable. My kid's have been using it in very imaginative ways, such as taking off the look-out tower and climbing up the "coconut trees" to get coconuts down. (The trees are not actually coconut trees, as you probably can tell!)

There are many different spaces for little figures to play or sit, probably up to ten toy figures could be in the tree house at a time! So far there haven't been many fights about whose people goes where, I think because there are a lot of options regarding where to play...if you are wanting to buy a playhouse / tree house for your kids this is pretty fun one! - Amazon customer
The brand new Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse has lots of engaging features on both sides of it that keep my kids entertained for hours. It's a toy that incorporates many cute ideas that children themselves would have wanted in the perfect toy! I thought that the tire swing on the zip line was so fun and then there is an elevator in the tree, a clubhouse that you can use in the tree or on the ground -- and the two mini dolls that come with it. You even get to play a whack-a-mole game! - Amazon customer

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