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Though not new for 2011, this brilliant product by LeapFrog just keeps on making the best seller toy lists...babies & toddlers just love it!

This bright, interactive table will keep your little one engaged for hours with over 15 different musical activities & more than 40 songs and melodies – including nursery rhymes, upbeat dance tunes & more - that will help to encourage early reading, maths and language development skills.

The Learn & Groove Musical Table will help to teach your toddler the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1 to 10, colors & shapes, first words and cause & effect. Plus the legs are removable so you can sit the table on the floor for the smallest of infants to use!
It's one of a select few toys that has really managed to effectively combine fun with early education.

Your LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table package includes:

• 1 x Learn & Groove Musical Table.
• 4 x green or blue removable table legs.

What Other Customers Say...
My mom bought this table and I bought a Fisher Price table. The kids love the Leap Frog Table and hate the Fisher Price one. The Leap Frog one is awesome! It has two options, words or music. So for the little ones to whom words don't mean much, you can use the music reinforcement and my toddler (age 2) likes the word option now. Great for around age 8 months when they start pulling up to stand. Love Love
Love this table. - Amazon customer.
I got this for my 9 month old son and his eyes lit up the moment he saw and heard it. He wasn't pulling up at the time I got it for him. However, within a few weeks of having this table, he was pulling up on anything he could get his hands on. He is particularly fond of the blue lid that can double as a little cubby for small objects. He ventures to that area of the table and his face gets this look like, "WOW!" I am 100% pleased with this table and my son thinks it is so great, as well. I would definitely urge others to get this table for infants that are in the "just started to crawl and learning to pull up and cruise" stage. It
has helped wonderfully! - Amazon customer.
This musical table is great and keeps my 6 month old's attention for some time. She isn't walkin yet but she loves to stand around it while I support her. She's learned to turn the pages and bangs on the keys. This is definitely one of her favorite toys and she should be able to use this for a long time. I woiuld recommend this toy to anyone with a 6 month old up to 2 years. - Amazon customer.

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