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The Image S4 in-ear headphones provide exceptional performance for those on a tight budget. No matter what's going on outside you can tune in to your own magical world of sound.

The dual magnet micro speakers provide superior bass response and the headphones are able to effectively isolate noise due to the oval tipped seal which fits the contours of your ear. This works as an acoustic seal to block out external noise. The ear tips come in three sizes so you can choose an ear tip that fits your ear perfectly. It's soft and flexible and designed for extended use.

The headphones are created by Klipsch which was founded by Paul Klipsch in the 1940's. The Klipsch brand has been making headlines around the world for over 60 years. Research has been continuing since that time and in the 70's Klipsch was awarded the Audio Engineering Society's highest honor, the Silver Medal Award for speaker design.

The Image S4 in-ear headphones follow a long tradition of exceptional sound quality. They’re not just comfortable they will bring the world of music to life whether you're listening to a concert, your favorite songs or any other kind of audio. Sound is realistic and detailed and you won't miss a beat. The drivers cover a wide frequency range so you can enjoy from deep bass to elegant guitar riffs.

A stainless steel crush-resistant carry case is provided. The S4's come in piano black with chrome accents and gloss white with black accents. For a premium set of headphones that block out noise and provide great acoustic sound get the Image S4 in-ear headphones.

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