Once Upon A Child Resale Store Paid Big!

Today I decided after four long years of saving my daughter's gently used and unworn clothes, I'd finally get rid of some of those things. Since I'm in need of a little spending cash, I thought it might be a good idea to look for ebay alternatives to sell her clothes. I'm not into ebay as a seller with the whole idea of packing and shipping to make a few bucks. I really wanted to unload these clothes and earn a little coin.

After a quick search in google, I found a pretty cool store, Once Upon A Child in Roswell Georgia and was able to visit the store a half hour before close today.

The store was brisk with customers. A store clerk greeted me and explained their buy back process which entailed them researching their database to match the brand of clothing I brought compared against the brands their store typically buys. I was also handed a short form to complete.

All told, the process of reviewing and pricing my merchandise took about 15 minutes which wasn't long considering it was close to store closing time.

I received twenty dollars cash for seven dresses and one skirt which was a sweet deal considering the clothes were between 2 and 4 years old and had been stored in the back of the closet taking up much needed space.

By the way, the company buys clothing up to 5 yrs. I know this is wild but it does ends up being a pretty sensible policy for parents, especially since kids clothing typically do not change styles as drastically as teens and young adults anyway.

On a final note, I had a pair of healy sneakers which were practically new that were not eligible for buy back.

Check out Once Upon A Child for a more extensive list of clothing that are purchased back and their buy back program

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