InStyler Review

Move over hum, drum curling irons and make way for the InStyler rotating
flat iron. Who hasn't seen this informercial and been intrigued by the super slick way it seems to style hair.

This hair straightener is the subject of a many debate on forums all over the web. Including my house with my seventeen year old.

I made the decision to buy the Instyler after checking out this Instyler review site.

She doesn't know it yet, but this will be one of her birthday gifts this summer. I can't wait to see how well it styles her hair. If you can't wait until my end of the summer review and you know you want to buy the instyler curling iron check out these ebay stores I've found. They were some of THE cheapest priced auctions I've seen anywhere on the internet check out this Instyler review site.

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