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We all know, that everyone wants to have their website to rank well, and most of them are focused on Google, like a deer in headlights. This is obviously for a good reason, not only can Google send you a massive amounts of free traffic, but they are one of the most highly targeted.

The real truth is, that usually only the biggest, most highly established organizations, are going to see a high level of traffic, and on a reliable basis from Google, and even they will see highly irregular rankings which fluctuate hourly. What does this mean? Well, do you know what a loophole is? A loophole, is an ambiguity that makes it possible to evade a difficulty, or a small hole in a fortified wall; for observation or discharging weapons. ~ (Definition available from This to me, translates to target other search engines, and and fire your advertising and marketing ammunition upon your targeted audience, through the a handful of search engines I provide in a list below. These poor search providers, are highly used by the seekers of information, yet unjustly neglected by our advertising and marketing campaigns. It is time for Google's hypnotic hold on us is broken.

All of your direct competitors, are most likely also using Google as the main source to gain and drive traffic as well. This will leave you in an un-ending battle with your competition, to keep and maintain your customer flow. Not to mention the fact that the constant algorithm changes that Google implements regularly, could render your efforts useless at any moment, leaving you back to square one, "The bottom of the food chain" AND INVISIBLE to the world. Keep in mind, that is all just to say you have even been able to achieve a respectable keyword ranking with Google in the first place.

If you are anything like myself, "A small fry", then you know already that it is becoming more and more difficult to get any respect, or ranking presence on the internet. Until thankfully, we have been provided with the knowledge of a merciful little search engine loophole, which anyone can implement.

You know there is a young sixteen your old boy, who dominates on the internet, and his actual philosophy is "Screw Google". With that, he doesn't actually mean, fight with, or go picket them, he is intending to get the message across that there are thousands of other search engines and content providers out there (some of which do see millions of searches daily like MSN). So you can extend your efforts to ranking in a couple of them, and still have a respectable presence, rather than fighting "Tooth and Nail" to be somebody in Google's search results.

Sadly, it's actually more effort to make it to the 47th spot in Google than it is to literally dominate in MSN. Believe it or not, even though MSN clearly does not compete with Google on any real level, they DO still see millions of search inquiries on a daily basis.

One more detail you must know, is that Google favoritism to the older "Trusted" sites, so if you are a new presence on the world wide web, you are are being neglected by Google. This means that if you do not have some pretty deep pockets, and can not afford to allocate large sums of money towards "Pay Per Click" advertising, you do not have a prayer with Google. Not to mention that this form of advertising is not nearly as affordable as it used to be. I'm telling you, forget about Google. Search marketing has sadly become what all of us have feared it would turn into, "A big business playground". You now MUST have an ability to use creativity and loopholes.

Here is a list which of FORTY loopholes in the search engine ranking arena you can use. Start making waves in some of these search engines with me. They may not be as large as Google, but a handful of them together could have you seeing some fairly healthy increases in sales and traffic alike. It will be much easier to dominate valuable keywords in these engines. The best part is most of them, you can also achieve better keyword rankings in a shorter amount of time. Well here they are:

1. Rapid Finder
2. 1net
3. Cipinet
4. Search Who
6. Searchsight
8. SearchWarp
9. Scrub the web
10. Official Search
11. Google
12. Aesop
14. Axxasearch
15. FreshLinks
16. Entireweb
17. Abacho (uk)
19. Best Yellow
20. Sentence Seek
21. SearchWho
22. Turnpike
24. stopat
25. Kerplop
26. DWinfoserver
27. Claymont
28. Searchramp
29. Freeemail123
30. Coolfishy
31. Amfibi
32. WebSquash
33. Mysearch
34. Peerbot
35. RedZee
37. Anoox
38. Homealot
39. Lycos
40. AOL

You see as a joke I put Google in there as number eleven. I tried to give you a nice list of names that most of us either do not know, or do not give enough attention to. My father for example, must have somehow stumbled across "HomeAlot", was probably prompted with a request to save them as his home page, and voila, he is seeing HomeAlot's home page every time he turns on his computer. He is not alone. You may not have stopped to think about it, but you are actually far more computer savvy then most of the people you know. Millions upon millions of people, are conducting millions and millions of searches every day friends, and only a portion of that is Google, there is a huge portion left that us rising stars can utilize.

My advice to you, is to shift your attention and efforts to an area or arena, where it is realistic for you to see "Wins" instead of constant losses. Google may be at the top, but if you took the top off of a pyramid, and set it next to what was remaining, don't you think that the body of that pyramid will be SO MUCH LARGER? So like our 16 year old IT guru says, "Act as if Google does not even exist", and focus your efforts on a handful of the smaller search engines, and you will quickly see more success, which will most likely be greater than you even imagined.

The first loophole you now possess, is that you can make Google irrelevant, as a determining factor in your success.

Nicholas Papillon

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